Our Cochise County Libraries are full of information about eating local, growing your own food, cooking, and more. Here are some links that might be useful. You can also visit our Facebook page for additional information.

Check out the new Eat Local collection of ebooks and digital magazines.

Eating Local

There are many reasons to eat local. One of the best is that local food tastes better and is more nutritious. Local food can also increase health, fuel economic development, establish food security, and bring environmental benefits.

Here are some books that talk more about why you might want to eat local:


These books tell the stories of people who undertook eating local food exclusively for some period of time. (We will be having a “big read” with related activities for some of these books.)


Cooking local food

You can find more books here.

Growing your own food

Our libraries have a ton of information about growing your own food. Here are just a few books you might want to consult:


You can find more books here.

You might also consult with your local extension agent or master gardeners for more information.

Several of our local libraries, including ones at Portal, Sunsites, and Bisbee, have seed libraries where you can get seeds.

Preserving Food (canning, freezing, drying and more)

More books are available here.



You can find more here.

Resources for kids

You can find more books here.

The Eat Local School Kit is available to borrow free of charge for any Cochise County teacher or home schooler.

For more information or to borrow this, call 520-432-8930 or email

This kit is intended for students in grades K-6 and includes:

* A collection of 25 books

* Teacher’s guides with activities for grades K-3 and 4-6

* Supplies and reproducibles for activities on where our food comes from, nutrition, and more

*  Information about local food sources and how local food benefits our community

Many of libraries in the county have a “Windowsill garden: Grow some microgreens” kit that you can borrow. It has everything you need to grow your own microgreens.